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Team Members

Ken Allaire

Co-founder and Lead Investigator


As the son of an Exxon driller, Ken was born in San Angelo, Tx. and taken home to Midland, Texas where he grew up.  He attended St. Anthony’s Seminary in San Antonio and then went to Southwest Texas State University where he majored in parapsychology.  While in college, he started on a 35 year career in law enforcement that included the states of Texas, Colorado, and Louisiana. As a detective, Ken conducted thousands of investigations in all aspects of law enforcement and was also called for the occasional paranormal cases.  In those days, those cases were referred to as the weird ‘unofficial cases’.  Currently, Ken owns and manages a service business in Baton Rouge, La.  “My interests in the paranormal started while attending St. Anthony’s Seminary but was greatly intensified after a ‘near death’ experience at the age of 20,”  Having witnessed the paranormal first hand on so many occasions, it was only a matter of time before he began investigating it. Besides the paranormal, one of Ken’s passions is American history.  According to Ken, “Any paranormal investigation involves history.”  And as Ken always says, “To make a long story short…” 


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Maria Allaire

Co-founder and Lead Investigator


Maria graduated with a Master’s degree in anthropology from LSU-Baton Rouge.  She has worked in the medico-legal field for 30 years as a law enforcement officer, a deputy coroner and as a forensic researcher.  Professional investigations and scientific research is as natural to her as a duck-to-waterHowever, when it comes to the paranormal, Maria knows it is the same as conducting any other research or investigation.

          “There’s a personally-presented paranormal hypothesis (usually as a story or experience) from an individual to us.  After assessing  the information they provided, we research and obtain any current information or historical records/reports that may be relevant to the paranormal hypothesis. We then conduct the on-site investigation using applied techniques.  All recorded data (video, audio, photographic, etc.) are analyzed and saved.  The findings are then presented to the individual along with a written report and a copy of all recorded evidence.”

And naturally, with each subsequent paranormal investigation, we continue to test, and test some more, “THE paranormal hypothesis”.


As co-founder of EPLA, Maria is never surprised at how frequently people experience some form of paranormal activity, and the findings collected that supports their paranormal experience. 


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Cindy Rodney

Psychic Medium and Consultant for EPLA


Cindy has been a consultant with EPLA for several years now and is thrilled to be working on their cases. Having known from a young age that she was sensitive to energies of an intuitive divine nature, Cindy remembers always seeing, sensing and talking to the angels and loved ones in spirit. Having been haunted as a child, her need for a better understanding brought her to embrace her abilities to this day. This in turn helps her to see what lies beneath each of these cases.

Her private work over the last 16 years, as well as her contributions to these EPLA cases, have brought peace and understanding on a variety of concerns to people all over the country.

When Cindy was once asked how she is able to handle this seeing and hearing spirits, her answer was simple, "I do not know any different. I've always seen, heard and felt them!" Cindy will tell you, “Believe it or not, I’m the biggest skeptic there is!”


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*Sorry, I’m currently not offering private readings.

Roy Camarillo


Roy has been in education for over 15 years serving as both teacher and administrator.  Prior to this, he was in government security for 10 years, serving as operations manager and classification specialist in the defense industry.  He has held numerous security clearances and has worked for JPL, BDM International and the Loral Corporation.  Camarillo's interest in paranormal investigation is both academic and clinical.  "As a researcher and historian, my intent is to frame the investigation to identify inter-related issues for evaluation.  There is no paranormal event that doesn't begin with a story of origin, and that basis for the story tends to point to explanations and possible causes for the event.  The paranormal investigation can be categorized within a framework that may include factual history and geographies, unexplained but witnessed phenomenon, hearsay and presumption, event timetables, and variables in environmental conditions, to name a few.  It's all part of the investigation that could lead to hard, clinical evidence.  And it all begins with a story.  It's usually a good one."  Roy's forte is in research and history. 


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