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Welcome to Everyday Paranormal of Louisiana, located in Baton Rouge, the heart of Plantation Country. Our team was founded to assist everyday people who are experiencing unexplainable events in their homes and businesses.  We are honest, everyday people just like you, with ordinary jobs, families, weekend football games and get togethers.  We have years of experience conducting investigations and research.

We actually use science, technology, and data analysis as well as standard field equipment when conducting our investigations.  We don't use seances or other occult rituals that you have probably seen on some television programs or in movies.  

So, enjoy your tour of our website and if you are in need of a paranormal investigation or paranormal consulting services, please send an email to: or go to the 'contact us' page.  Even if you just have a question, we want to hear from you.  Our investigative services are absolutely FREE! 

Everyday Paranormal of Louisiana.

"Louisiana... Paranormal - Isn't that synonymous?".

Clerk at the Louisiana Court of Records


"We did good...We're all dead."

EVP captured by EPLA at a Civil War battlefield

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